days 1 and 2 (the adventures begin)

I'm not sure what made us decide to head to Florida in the first place.
I think it was Rico - but it's not like he got any complaints from the rest of us.

The itinerary was carefully laid out . . . one day to fly, two days at Universal Studios, a day off, two days at Disney World, a day at the beach, and about 6 hours to fly home.  And for the most part, things went just the way we planned - mostly. Unless you count that gale force storm that nearly blew us out of Hogsmeade, or the snakes, or the fact that Yoda decided to stay up until midnight, or the fact that Southwest blew a hole in one of the exact same planes that we were using to transport ourselves, or the fact that I got jumped by a dancing bush, or nearly getting run out of the game room by two rabid bingo players . . . if you don't count any of that, things went exactly as we planned.

After a rocky ride to St. Louis, and a two hour layover, we made a very turbulent descent into the Tampa airport, we picked up our rental car and we (along with the rest of the free world) headed to Orlando for spring break.

It was almost 11:30pm when we pulled into our condo, so after a bit of Cartoon Network, we all fell asleep. It had been a long day - and tomorrow would be even longer.

On Tuesday we headed to Universal Studios.  The day went something like this:
Photos with Marilyn Monroe, and Lucy and Ricky
Men In Black ride (3 times for most of us - 8 times for Punk)
A few spins on the Simpsons
Jaws for Kooka and I
Three of us braved the Twister ride
The Beetlejuice show
The ball factory
Shrek 4D
A few more spins on Men In Black (just for good measure)
Back to the condo - then bed.

I know this is short . . . but for now, I'll let the pictures do the talking.  I have plenty of days left.

Yoda meets Luuuuuuucy and Rick Ricardo
Punk's favorite ride
Yeah - we left our baby unattended in a clown's mouth.
So happy together.

The start of our adventures.


Treats said…
Seriously? A clown? You better destroy that photo and any shred of evidence. Her therapy bill later in life will outweigh any laughs you get now.

Love the pics and the stories.
Melanie said…
I hate clowns.