To commemorate passover, Rico decided to make matzo meal pancakes for breakfast this morning.  Kooka managed to eat a couple. Punk (after declaring them to taste like oversalted eggs), poured half a cup of powdered sugar on on his plate and proceeded to eat all 5. I couldn't manage to swallow the one bite I took - even after Rico said, "they are supposed to remind you of suffering." (They did)

He was thrilled however that Yoda ate all three of hers without comment or complaint.  He declared it a testament to her 32.4% Hebrew DNA that she was able to choke them down. I however, have a hard time crediting her gastronomical choices to her jewish ancestry. There was certainly no hispanic geneology helping her put away that whole burrito she ate last week - and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't explain the half carton of lo-mein she scarfed in one sitting either.

But I digress.

When Rico and I first decided to take the plunge and become a family, there was much talk about child-rearing, and traditions, and religion, and how those would play a part in all of our lives.  And next week, for the first time ever, Rico will have all of his kids here - celebrating Easter together - building new memories and maybe even new traditions.

Let's hope those pancakes aren't one of them.


Natalie Miller said…
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Natalie Miller said…
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j said…
OK - I deleted it - but just to save poor N face. You should repost.
Treats said…
This is the kid who eats paper...don't get too excited about the pancakes, Rico.
Sara said…
Hey, I didn't know you guys were Jewtherans, too! We went to a family Passover Seder in Fargo and then had a nice ham dinner at our neighbors on Sunday after church. Does that make us diverse or hypocrites? ~Sara

PS- I'm not sure why it says Linda for google account, but whatevs.