kooka's new thang

When she was little, Dr. Becky would always comment on Kooka's perfect, china doll teeth.  "They are flawless," she would tell us, "but what it means, is that when she's about 9 - there won't be room for the big ones."

She was right.  After two consultations and some serious x-rays, there was no doubt that the child was in serious need of braces.

Thankfully Kooka was all for it. Apparently braces are a hipper fashion accessory for third graders than they are for sophomores. We were doubly thankful that Shelley is the one that has been working with Kooka.  She was one of my very favorite dance moms, and Kooka says that she can see why. 

Here's Kooka's new look. (And no, they did not have to remove her arms to take care of her teeth.  Not sure why she chose to stand that way.)