getting it over with

I was just going to wait until I got to blogging about it - but so many people have been asking to see it  - I figured I should just post a link now and get it over with.

I was ambushed by a "dance attack" on the Ellen show.  I am the very last person shown.  I was walking onto the Jurrassic Park ride.  What you don't see on this cut is Ellen mocking me and saying I was her "favorite."  

They actually wanted me to come to the show.  Probably so that guy could pretend to be my chair and pop out again.

Anyway - here it is.  (and don't ask why I'm walking like George Jefferson - I have no idea).

Check it out:  Me on Ellen.


j said…
75 people watched this today. SEVENTY FIVE - and nobody has left a comment. Which is surprising - because I know you are all laughing at me . . .
Loved it! I do know about you and snake fear! I'm surprised you didn't stomp or kick the guy! Dance Attack? What a career option! Scary + dancing . . . I'm going to look into that if you don't. I am a scary dancer. Not quite what they have going I guess, little different.