no accounting for taste

No sooner did I post that little tidbit, then we decided to take Yoda out for Chinese food.

At 8 months old she is already completely refusing baby food, but had no problem holding her own at the Chinese buffet.  Normally, they don't charge for anyone under the age of two, but the hostess kept coming over to "check" on us, as she watched our infant pack away 3 pot stickers, half a cup of lo-mein noodles, a cream cheese puff, broccoli chicken and 6 spoonfuls of tapioca pudding - whereupon she proceeded to lick the melamine plate clean and then try to devour it as well.

Not sure which portion of her ancestry is going to get credit for her attempting to clean the plate with her face - but my money's on one of her grandfathers.


Treats said…
Maybe if you'd feed the kid a little more often, she wouldn't have to eat things like plates, paper and Rico's pancakes.