road trip chronicles day 12

  It took a little longer than we thought to get from Orlando to nowhere South Carolina. Technically, I think it's Walterboro, but regardless, the Quality Inn we've staked out is surrounded by nothing but woods and a lone Pizza Hut. I'm sure civilization is out there, but I'm not willing to brave the two-inch roaches outside to prove it.

We'd hoped to snag a Georgia Peach or two on our way through low country, but alas, we've found nothing but sad card tables full of the same stuff we'd find at Cub Foods.  We had a glimmer of hope today when we stumbled across a place selling boiled peanuts, fritters and peaches. But no such luck.

I didn't like the peanuts either. I keep thinking I will, I mean it's just half-finished peanut butter right? I love peanuts! I love Jif! I should be scarfing this crap down like there's no tomorrow. But I don't, and I'll tell you why: Boiled Peanuts taste like a dog pooped, then ate it, then barfed it up and served it to you warm. Yep - just like that. Not that I have first hand experience, but I have a good imagination. Even Neeks spit it out, and she'll try anything.

The fritters were not peachy, the cider was $4 per styrofoam cup, and peaches were only sold by the basketful. Even the kitschy sign was a disappointment. Kooka begged me not to take her picture in it because she said it looked like she was "peeking out of a giant butt, with two butt-faced little children." I didn't agree at the time, but looking at the picture here, she may have had a point.

Our favorite stop for the day was Savannah's Candy Kitchen in Savannah, Georgia. Fresh taffy is pulled, twisted, wrapped and sent across Willy Wonka conveyor belts until it plops neatly into a steel bin. I wish I could record the smell - a combination of salty caramel, warm chocolate, and fresh cream pralines. Generous free samples abound.  This place is home to what Rico calls, "the best caramel corn of his life," which is saying something, because caramel corn is his go-to dessert.

We left Savannah too soon for all of us, but losing a day this week, means we have to keep trucking.

Right now we are locked into our hotel for the night, hoping for a little rest and that the roaches stay outside.


Treats said…
You lost me at boiled peanuts. You had me at fresh salt water taffy. Hope the little roaches didn't bite you while you slept.