Yoda turns three.

Actually, she hasn't turned three yet - and won't for ten more days. But since we'll be road tripping at that point, and since she realllllly REALLLLLY wanted a white birthday cake with pink polka dots and a dog on top, we celebrated early - and often.

Our friend Christina says that some friends are your chosen family. That's who we celebrated with first - Yoda's chosen family.  Her godparents and neighbors and almost sisters were here (along with her parents, a brother and a real sister). There was much swimming to be done, tacos in a bowl, and a few gifts (classic Disney movies from Punk; play-doh barber shop from Kooka; a tricycle, a suitcase and yes a unicorn from her parents.).  There were beautiful books, dress up clothes and even cupcake money from the guests - all of whom were specifically told not to bring gifts - but much like real family, they didn't listen either.

There was also a little guilt involved as Kooka pointed out that I had not hand-stained, burned and delivered message in a bottle invitations to Yoda's friends. So with minimal coaxing, Kooka convinced me that we HAD to carve the watermelon into the shape of a porcupine, to make up for my failings in other areas.  Yoda woke up from her nap, took one look at it and said, "That used to be a watermelon - what da heck is dat now?"

Just an hour down the drain - that's all.

Cake, polka dots, and colors by mom and Kooka. Sarcastic dog courtesy of Punk.

She got all of the candles eventually.

Unicorn delight.

Monsters Inc.  Fuzzy Pumper Barber Shop.

The next morning was a puppy/mermaid party. Hey - I don't judge, I just bake and plan party games. (Though I must admit it was almost as strange as the time Punk and Kooka shared a Strawberry Shortcake/Robot party - but at least there were two of them.)

  This was Nika's first time having a group of friends over to play and she loved it!  They wore puppy dog ears, won biscuits for sitting, barking, jumping and spinning.  There was an animal hunt, puppy drawings, a little dancing, lots of splashing - and of course PUPCAKES!!!

Eating the nose off was the best part.

She's crazy serious about that candle.


Treats said…
I want to know who made the cake and cupcakes. Super cute! You are a far better, more devoted mother than I am. Kudos to you!
j said…
It was Kooka an I mostly. Punk helped out with the sarcastic dog on the cake. I don't know about devoted - I never jumped off a cliff into a lake for my kids.