road trip chronicles day 13


 Still two days away from the trip we actually planned to take, so we are barreling through the south, just so we can get to the northeast on time.

Rico and I are not doing much to help - first my hospital stay, and now Rico has a fever and raging sore throat. The poor guy will muscle on no matter what, so I am trying to plan low key stops so he can rest a bit.

Today's first stop was South Of The Border, a tacky tourist trap on the South Carolina side of highway 95. It is just as tacky (and un-P.C.) as it looks, but Rico stopped here every summer as a kid, so we decided to christen the next generation. Not that we felt we had much choice, there are signs every four miles reminding us of the wonder that is Pedro. 

In our down time, we spend a lot of time with play-doh, friendship bracelets, books and the occasional video game. The backseats usually look something like this:

The second stop was right outside of Richmond, VA, in Glen Allen. We met up with Rico's old friends Dave and Martha, who greeted us with good conversation, a home cooked meal, and ice cream cones all around. They even joined us at the hotel for some late night hot tubbing.

I'm off to tuck in kids, make reservations for tomorrow, and kiss Rico goodnight. Tomorrow is supposed to be D.C. We'll see how everybody feels.


Treats said…
Rico needs to go to Urgent Care. I had to re-read the sign for Pedros a couple of times to verify that it really was that bad. Hard to believe. I hope you are all feeling well today and that you have tons of fun along the way. :)