road trip chronicles day 7

  I didn't take a picture today, not a single one. There was nothing to take pictures of.

We are hanging out for the week on the 9th floor of the Westgate Palace resort in Orlando. Yoda's and I took a walk this morning while Rico worked. We found 14 shot-glass/t-shirt shops and two ABC Marts - Kissimmee this ain't. 

Since I'd promised Yoda a snack, an couldn't even find a package of Starburst within their expiration date, we went back to the hotel, picked up Rico, grabbed some lunch at his favorite little joint - Pollo Tropicale, then headed to the mall to make sure he had pants for his conference tomorrow.

It was drizzly, and I wasn't feeling well, so we just kicked around all day. 

Sorry to disappoint today. There isn't much to say. But tomorrow night, Punk and Kooka fly in, and I can't wait!!!!


Treats said…
Starburst expire? Seriously?

Feel better and enjoy your reunion with Punk and Kooka.