She's not even three yet, but man, can she spit these out.

While looking at the computer (and to nobody in particular): "According to my documents, you're wrong."

Me: "Neeks, you are a funny girl."
Her: "Oh Mom, you're too kind."

Me (in the car): We are not going to watch movies right now, we are going to read.
Her: Why?
Me: Well, the big kids are reading, and that's what smart, interesting people do - they read.
Her:  Hmmm.  I will be boring then. Because I am not reading. I am boring.
Me: I guess so.
Her: But it's OK, because I DO feel bad about it.

Her:  I am big.  I am a part of the family.
Me: Yes you are.
Her:  It's good to be in a family.
Me: Yep.  Is Mama part of our family.
Her: Yes
Me: Is Daddy?
Her: Yes
Me: Is Punk?
Her: Yes.
Me: Is Kooka?
Her: No. But Scrappy is.


Treats said…
Is she too young to write a book? Or have her own blog?