road trip chronicles day 8

Today kicked off with Rico's convention at Lake Buena Vista Resort near Downtown Disney.  Yoda and I went along to set up. We spent about an hour cutting up cookies, unpacking biscotti and pouring chocolate covered coffee beans into teeny-tiny cups. It looked something like this when we were done:

Afterward, we all headed down to the $30 per plate luncheon, which consisted of, three types of meat, sandwich rolls, some strawberries and cheesecake. In case you're wondering, this is what $30 a plate looks like when you are three years old:

Not that our plates looked much different. $30 for a mystery meat sandwich is a bit steep. Thankfully, they invited Yoda and I along for the ride, so really, only Rico got ripped off.

But the free samples at Daddy's conference more than made up for it:
Rice Krispy pops dipped in two chocolates and sprinkles! Who else's dad has this kind of job?

Neeks and I spent the next few hours exploring Downtown Disney.  She loved the magic mirror in the princess shop that magically projects various princess dresses onto whomever happened to be standing there. She was standing there a lot. She looked particularly fabulous as Ariel and Snow White. We checked out the T-Rex restaurant, Goofy's Candy Store, and the face panting shop, where one of us was transformed into an absolutely gorgeous butterfly/bird:

Really doesn't matter what flavor it is, if it's pink, it's what we order.

Rico came to meet us around 4:00 bearing samples of salted-caramel-brownies. We might have tasted a few in the car before heading back to the hotel.  It was totally worth spoiling our dinner of fried plantains and Carribean chicken.

Punk and Kooka are on a plane over Chicago as I write, and we are all so excited to see them. 9:30 can't come soon enough - neither can pictures of all THREE kids! Tomorrow we are off to the Magic Kingdom! Haunted Mansion here we come!


Treats said…
Beautiful pics of Yoda. I hope the conference/convention is going well for Rico. Get those 3 kiddos together for some awesome pics tomorrow. Have I ever told you how much I hate haunted houses? Watch out for Ellen.
Melanie said…
That is what Ruby's plate always looks like when we eat somewhere different... Which is why I almost always have a pouch of salmon (or tuna) and fruit snacks in my purse. Blah.