I wish there was more to write about the last two days.  It would be easy to say that we did nothing but speed through the Midwest towards home, but that would only be partially true.  

There was a stop at Tony Packo's in Cleveland where we had fabulous chili-dogs and Kooka and I ended our search for the world's best mac&cheese (truly, that good), an overnight in Utica, Illinois at Grizzly Jack's resort, home of an adorable waterpark and the sketchiest amusment park I have seen in all of my days. There were hours of playing Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Hercules in Hotel pools (casting by Yoda who  always placed Kooka as the sea witch, Punk as Hades, me as the Beast and herself as the beautiful princess). There is much singing of Matilda songs, and much playing of name that tune via satelite radio. 

The real reason that there is not much to say, is that I am finally exhausted. It has been exactly one month since we left home. We miss our house, our beds, our neighbors, our dog. But the reality of a new school year is stating us in the face, and none of us are happy about it. 

Homeschooling, we miss you.