road trip chronicles day 20

Happy Birthday!!!!

Rico woke up a year older in Concord, New Hampshire.   After a lovely hotel breakfast (where they lock the milk cooler at precisely 9:29), we motored toward Stonewall Farm, near Keene.

I'll add photos later (we don't have great photo uploading ability here), but we loved traipsing through the rocky woods of New Hampshire, visiting alpacas, petting bunnies, and letting Neeks run around so she'd take a long map. Keene's a cute town, but we had dinner plans, so we just kept moving.

After a quick lunch in Vermont, and a stop at what I swear is the only Target in Massachusetts, we headed back to the Empire State, for a birthday dinner.

We finally landed in Woodstock, New York - our intended destination this entire time. We were greeted by some of our favorite people in the entire world - Eric, Stephanie, Frank and Sharon. We celebrated Rico, Eric and Frank's birthdays seated at at the dining room table of a gorgeous farm house chowing down on burgers, hot dogs and ice cream cake.

More adventures to come - I'm sure.


Treats said…
Happy Birthday, Rico! I hope you get a day off of driving. Enjoy your friends, your family and the ice cream cake!