road trip chronicles NYC


 So here we are, in the crush of humanity that is NYC. There are downsides - air that smells like cigarettes, exhaust and every disgusting human smell imaginable, garbage all over the place, the fact that traffic lights and crosswalks are pointless - you just cram yourself into the middle hoping that the other people provide some sort of cushion for the taxis that will inevitably hit pedestrians.

But there are upsides too: cheap pizza, playing in FAO Schwartz, and best of all, Kooka getting to take a class at Broadway Dance Center. The age limit at BDC is 13, but they let Kooka into a second level theatrical jazz class and she was thrilled. She was the youngest in the class by at least a decade, but held her own, had a great sense of style, and most of all a great time. Whomever her dance teacher is, is probably very proud. Her teacher Liz P., was awesome and performs on Broadway in West Side Story. We had to snap a sweaty picture for posterity:

Tomorrow is more of NYC. I've been a few times now, and well - we'll just see what tomorrow brings.


Treats said…
Next time Kooka is in NYC, maybe she'll be ON Broadway!