road trip chronicles nyc

  I don't know if I have the mental fortitude to delve into my love/hate relationship with NYC. It's been almost a month on the road and it may take me that long again to process everything we've done. 

While I do that, here are some of our highlights:

A ride on the Statten Island Ferry - a free cruise past the city and the Statue of Liberty. 

Dinner in Chinatown and dessert in Little Italy with Rico's sister's family. (The limo was not our transportation, just a handy backdrop). We ate chow fun, spare ribs and rice noodles at Big Wong's - oh yes we did, and forget about hoping that would go right over the kid's heads. Punk couldn't wait to get there so he could text his friends a picture of the sign.

An afternoon on Broadway, where we saw Matilda. We ended up sitting next to Matilda's mom and family during the show, which made it even more meaningful. Even though we chose this show more for Kooka, Punk is the one who sat rapt, studying everything, memorizing all of the funny lines, and trying to figure out all of the special effects. They'd both seen Broadway Tours before, but this was their first show in New York, and they both loved it.

A tour of the American Museum of Natural History. (Home of Night at the Musem). We saw Rexy (which Punk and Kooka have a special love for, since their art tutor's daughter created Rexy for the movie), the fake Easter Island head, a real pachycephalosaurus skull, and a stuffed Dexter the Monkey.

Punk outfitting every historical figure he could find with and iPod. This one even stopped the sidewalk traffic while other people took photos:

A stop in Washington Park where we played in the fountains, watched street performers and had our minds read.

Lunch at Katz's deli, where we discovered that Punk loves pastrami, rye bagels look just like chocolate donuts, and two sandwiches and a hot dog can cost about $60.


Treats said…
How is it that Rico doesn't weigh 300 pounds? Your photos of food make me hungry. I love all the sights that you have taken in during a (relatively) short period of time. I want to know who gets crankiest when they're tired?
j said…
Rico loves to stop for food, it's unreal. I love to stop for history, Kooka and Yoda for a pool and Punk for a hot tub. Neeks is by far the crankiest when tired, probably followed by Kooks and then me. The boys are pretty easy going.