Road trip chronicles day 17

Today is our 17th day on the road. It's not getting old yet - except for the daily game of Tetris to get all of our stuff into the car.

Today's blog will be terribly short, not because we didn't do much, but because although our hotel is gorgeous and upgraded us to a suite for free, the wi-if is not free, and uploading from here takes forever on my hotspot.

We spent a little more time at Plimoth Plantation. 

All of the housing, tools and supplies are authentic, including the broom made of twigs. Punk said, "Brooming with these brooms would suck." (The fact that the word sweeping doesn't seem to be in his vocabulary is somewhat disconcerting). 

Kooka thought they looked better for playing quidditch. 

We visited the canoe maker again, several authentic-style pilgrim homes and the fortress used to protect the colony. We tried out 17th century beds, chairs and vocabulary. "Toothsome" is our new favorite word. 

The actors in the Pilgrim village are fantastic - never break character, and seem to know every historical figure on a personal basis.

After that we were off to Plymouth Rock. Thanks again Schoolhouse Rock, because Punk did know the number etched on that stone before we even got there.

We checked into our Embassy Suites in Waltham, scarfed down their free nachos, and headed down to Harvard, because by God I should be able to say that at least one of my kids went to Harvard. 

Yoda is my lone hope.
Me: Come on guys, let's go to Harvard.
Punk: Ugh! Why? Just to make me feel like an inferior human being? It's depressing.
Kooka: What if I want to be a dance major instead of a smart person major?
Punk: Well, I think your last sentence just dashed all of Mom's dreams.
Yoda: I want to go. Now that I am three I can go to Harvard. 

So we went. I got a picture of the two big kids inside the gates, all three on the steps of the library and Kooka channeling Elle Woods on the balcony of the library steps.

We bought shirts at the bookstore, because my grandad did the same for me when I was eleven, with the directive to "do something great with my life."  That T- shirt is still sitting in my third drawer at home, a 100% cotton square of guilt. I wanted the same for my kids.

We had dinner in Harvard Square, chicken corn tacos and burritos at Filipe's. and warm s'more cookies ( and M&MS and peanut butter) from Insomnia Cookies, who will deliver still warm cookies to your doorstep until 3 am. We still have a few hours to go, I may not be able to resist.


Treats said…
I LOVE YOUR PICTURES! ...and stories!