bye bye bye

Bye bye Facebook.

I gave it up for the first few weeks of the New Year.  I thought it would be difficult - especially since I'm still forced to check it every other day for our work page.  But it's not difficult at all - it is HEAVENLY.

I didn't realize how much it stresses me out until now. It's true. If another studio is offering a belly dancing class, I feel compelled to bring in Princess Jasmine herself to teach at our place.  If somebody's kid gets an acceptance letter to Purdue, I freak out that my kid didn't get a letter from Purdue, never mind that she's 12.  If somebody runs a seven-minute mile, I wonder why it takes me the exact same amount of time to take the trash out to the curb.


Instead of revealing in the good vibes people are spreading, I just freak out about my own inadequacies - parental, spousal, personal, professional. Basically, Facebook makes me think I suck at life, because I don't Pintrest Yoda's hairstyle every day (or any day actually).

I'm sure I will be back at some point, but right now, the peace feels good.


Juliette/Paul said…
this is so funny Jana. I knew we were soul sisters! I felt the exact same thing about "you know what" and deactivated my account a few months ago. It made me feel so inadequate as a wife, mother, friend and person. I hear ya! Blessings to you and your grandma!