"I think I'll be fading off soon," she says.

"Yes," I tell her, "I think so too. But when you get there just go."

She nods.

Her hand becomes heavier in mine, her breathing more shallow.

"When you see it Gramma, it will be so beautiful. Everyone you love is there. Almost everyone I love is there: Grandpa Hank, Boyd, who I never knew, but you loved, Dad, my mom. When you see them please give them a big hug for me,"

"Ok, I will."

"When you see them , when you see all of your sisters, and Granma and a Grandpa Jensen, Grandma June, Grandad Ben, Mom, Dad, Grandpa, even Lillian, June, Claudine, Milly, you go to them. Don't stay here with me, you just let go of my hand and run to them, you go tell them how wonderful everything turned out to be."

"Ok, I will. . . . . . are you staying?"

"I am staying until you leave."

"Oh. Yes. I will tell them."


Sara A said…
I have pandora playing right now and just as I read this, tears streaming, the song I'll fly away came on. It was like a sign. "When I die, hallelujah by and by, I'll fly away." Goodby Gramma Leora, I hope you soar. Love Sara
Treats said…
Hang in there, my friend.