good timing

Sometimes the right people come at just the right time. 

Today it was my cousin Brent. 

We spent a couple of hours talking about relatives, working at the Journal, summers in North Dakota - and then something beautiful happened. 

Gram started smiling. 

I really thought this thing had stolen even the last of her smiles, but there they were. She nodded when we talked about the cafe' and all of the candy she used to let us poach from behind the counter, gave us huge smiles when we talked about playing in the barn at Aunt Ilene's farm, possibly even a laugh at the fact we damn near killed ourselves jumping through the hayloft.

Gram smiles, a visit from one of my favorite cousins, plus the b!+c#¥ nurse who got in my face yesterday was reprimanded. It's been a relatively good day.


Sara A said…
I'm glad it was a better day. Has hospice talked to you about the stages- like she might all of a certain perk up and be lucid? Maybe that's already happened or maybe won't at all. Or you may have experienced it with your dad. It seems like a miracle they are getting better, but it's kind of just a final goodbye, and it can go pretty quick after that. Hope you get some rest tonight. Thinking about you.
j said…
Oh yes, we know all about the stages and signs, and true to Gram form, she has been through all of them about three times.