How is even possible that she is still giving out so much love?

Is that why she hasn't gone? Is there just too much love inside of her and she has to spend it all?

She tells the boyfriend of the girl who works here, "Please take care of her, have a wonderful family together." She tells the nurses, the aides how much she loves them and remembers all the details about their lives - their kids, their husbands, she doesn't miss a trick.

She talks with my aunt on the phone, and I'm not totally certain, but I think we finally confirmed who her favorite is - even if we didn't, I'm claiming it. Aunt T's southern drawl and quick laughter bring a smile to Gram's face even now.

She asks for a strawberry shake and then admits that it didn't taste nearly as good as she'd hoped.

But she says she still loves that we tried.

I know she has to go, but watching this, watching how many people she is reaching out to how many people she loves, makes me understand why it's taking so long.