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When Punk showed me his WWII comic characters this spring, I thought they were cool. When he won an award for it at a local art festival, that was pretty sweet too. But when his art teacher called and asked if she could enter it (and another set of characters he'd developed) into the statewide scholastic art contest, Punk was really flattered.

For starters, according to Punk, there are three completely flawless humans working in our school district, and this lady is one of them. Knowing that she had faith in his work meant a lot to him. Secondly, his work is quirky, it's pen and marker annnnnnnnnd it's comic style. His words were something along the lines of, "I think it's safe to assume that the winners will be pencil/charcoal drawings of a girl who's either crying or half submerged in water."

I didn't think he was wrong.

So when he found out this week that he was awarded a Gold Key Scholastic Art Award (as well as a silver key for his second piece), he was more than a little surprised.

I must admit that I didn't understand the magnitude of it, but after further discussion with his teacher, it's apparently a pretty big deal. Gold Key winners get their art displayed in a fancy art museum and have their work sent to New York. 

The pictures don't really do the drawings justice - he's pretty good with color, but at least you'll have a frame of reference when you see it in the Lourve someday.

As for Rico, we watch and we wait, and wait and wait. 


Treats said…
Cool! Congrats to Punk. I'd love to see the drawings up close. I'd also love to know who he thinks are the 3 awesome people at school. :)