what's good

Have you ever wished for something with all of your might?

I have wished that hard twice. Once when I was six and once this week.

I spent the past six days like Harry Potter with that sorting hat on, "Not Slytherin. Not Slytherin."

I could actually hear myself saying it out loud, "Just not this. Just don't let it be this."

When I was six I wasn't so lucky, but this time, it looks I've got my wish.

The good news, is that aside from a few ulcers, which were likely caused by the ibuprofin he was eating like Pringles during December, his scopes were relatively insignificant. There was a possibility of a bit of diverticulitis in his intestine, but again no huge findings. His spleen is "slightly generous" and his white count is still high.

Which leaves us here:


Our next plans include:

A tooth being pulled and infection being cleared on Thursday. This was actually suggested by a local doctor and at the moment seems to be the only thing that makes any sense whatsoever. (Though at the same time - how 3 months of searching and a full work up at Mayo didn't lead to a giant abscess in his jaw is anyone's guess - so we are not pinning our hopes on this).

If the tooth thing doesn't show any promise, we head to a PET scan. If you're unfamiliar (as was I until two weeks ago), a PET scan is basically where they gather all of the radioactive sodas from Chernobyl or Three Mile Island or wherever it is they keep nuclear-waste flavored Dr. Pepper, force you to drink one and then see what "lights up" when they scan your body. It sort of looks like Doplar radar. The theory is that any cancer cells (or other crazy things that shouldn't be there) take up more energy and will therefore collect more of the radioactive waste, or whatever it is you've ingested, and light up the screen.

It looks like this:

 (No this isn't Rico, it's a black lab, but you get the idea).

He still has fevers. He's still weak, but yesterday was a good day. He got by with only one nap and one "rest" on the couch between 8am and 9 pm.  Tonight he felt good enough to help Punk practice his parallel parking for a while. (Thank God, because my advice was, "Just keep driving until you find a better spot - ain't nobody but nobody need to park THAT badly - that's why God invented legs.")


Melanie said…
WOOT! I'll keep up with the fairy dust and will maybe sacrifice a few more snakes. xo
Treats said…
Crossing my fingers, eyes, arms, legs and toes....Keep feeling better, Rico!
David Koenig said…
Jana, I like this tooth/infection idea as a source! Let's hope that's the one. The PET scans are okay too. If you have one and it is clear, then it is clear!! We keep praying for you all.
j said…
Thanks for the insight David. The doctor made it sound like he'd rather not do one if he could help it, so we were a little creeped out. Sounds like it may not be as bad as we think - at least not Chernobyl Dr. Pepper bad. :)