It seems impossible that our winter "break" is coming to a close. 

I swear that we are just getting ourselves together, and now it's time to begin juggling the insanity that our regularly scheduled lives entails. 

Top of our list this week is heading back to Mayo this week. We do appreciate all of your ideas, and have a rather extensive list of things to ask about, including:

Neuroborreliosis (chronic lymes that is difficult to find/diagnose)
Guilin-barre syndrome
Hepatitis (less common strains)
Bacterial infections

If you have other ideas, please feel free to add them to the list, we'll take all of the help we can get.


Treats said…
If there isn't a definitive diagnosis, I'd ask for a rheumatology consult. They ask about as many questions as Infectious Disease docs do. In the basement/subway level below the Kahler Hotel is a store that sells great popcorn/caramel corn and a store that sells frozen yogurt with any toppings you like. If you didn't have enough fun wandering through the halls, nooks and crannies at St. Mary's, try wandering through the subway - seeing how far you can get and what the oddest thing you can find. Good luck. I hope you find some answers.
j said…
Thanks Treats - I'm adding caramel corn to the list for sure.