Remember when I mentioned that there's a movie being shot in our town? Remember how somebody randomly picked Yoda out for a little scene? Remember how i was working that night? Remember how she was dressed? (Sweet Jesus how could we forget?)

Today we had a chance to redeem ourselves.


Kooka and Yoda were called as extras to shoot on set for a little bit today. Kooka loved it - the makeup chair, the waiting around in holding and then sprinting to the site, the seven takes it took to get the shot.

Yoda loved the lunchables I brought for her.
She also loved the lipgloss, and getting to wear her new hat.

I loved the fact that her hair was actually combed and her shirt didn't have yesterday's oatmeal down the front of it.

Punk also got to shoot a few days ago - but he's so old, he didn't need me hanging around - which means I have no pictures - but tons of good stories. In typical Punk fashion, he is always asked to play much older than he is. In this case, he was married to a 23 year-old that he's known since she was 10. He was also the father of her baby.  "Dang that baby was cute," he said. "I was married to Esme', and it was just like being married in real life. I brought her coffee like 15 times and she never said thank you. It's like she didn't even care."