one step forward two steps . . . .sideways?

Yesterday was a consult with a local hemotologist.  He's not at Mayo, but we decided to keep the appointment anyway.  He said that he wasn't sure Rico's symptoms were going to be leading back to his office, but he did ask about his teeth.

"My teeth?" Rico said.
"Yes. Sometimes teeth can have very weird infections that even infectious disease guys can find difficult to spot."
"Well actually, I had a root canal that never felt right. It hurts when I chew, and the dentist told me to come back if it didn't settle down. That was almost a year ago."
"Then I'd go get your teeth checked as well."

So the oncology appointment was cancelled today in favor of an emergency dental visit. Sure enough, he was sent to an emergency appointment with an endodontist.

However, we're not pinning our hopes on anything at all. Dr. F from hemotology also said that there is fluid in the abdomen which most certainly needs to be looked at as well. Tomorrow we head back to Mayo for endoscopes. Blessedly the poor guy will be knocked out, so he can finally get some rest.

Thanks for the prayers, the support and all of your kind words. They never go unnoticed, even if they sometimes go unanswered (sorry).


Treats said…
It's hard to imagine how you all are keeping your spirits up. Hang in there. Good luck tomorrow. If you need anything...just text or e-mail me. xo
Kelley Bray said…
Teeth! Now that is a good place to look, maybe the infectious tooth fluid is draining into the stomach and the endoscopy will find it. Thinking of you both and lists of prayers, wish we were there to help.