two down

Laying relatively low for the past seven weeks has a few perks:

Pizza - lots of pizza.
Warm snuggles by the fire.
And . . .
Harry Potter.

I started reading them out loud to Punk when he was five. Trouble was, by the time the last one came out, Kooka was five and she wanted in - so we had to start all over. (Not like I hadn't read them all a dozen times anyway).

Harry Potter books were so important to Punk and Kooka, that a week after Yoda was born, they divvied up responsibilities. If I died, Punk was in charge of reading them out loud to Yoda. Kooka was in charge of reading "Sisters Grimm".

Thankfully, I'm still here. Yoda is five, and Harry Potter is her new favorite thing. We're just finished book two, and she doesn't show any signs of slowing down.

Rico tells her that when he is better they can go to the castle. Here's hoping that's soon.