it wasn't it

It wasn't what I'd hoped.

It wasn't what any of us hoped.

And it's not lymphoma either.

It is an intramuscular pleomorphic soft cell sarcoma.

We found out this morning, and told our kids this evening.

Yoda knows that daddy has cancer. She knows that cancer is a tough illness and sometimes it makes you sicker before you get better. She knows that some people talk about cancer like it's scary, but we are not doing that, because daddy has lots of doctors to help him and even more people to love him.

The big kids know what we know. I'm sure they have their own fears, their own thoughts, but for now we just share hugs and tears and encouragement. Because the only remedy for this - for any of this - is to fear less and love more. It's the only way through the storm.


Juliette/Paul said…
Our family is praying for Rico and your family. The doctors at Mayo are supposed to be the best. God will get you all through this trial. You are an inspiration to all of how to really love!
Treats said…
I hope today brings you some answers to all of the questions that are swirling around in your head. Text me if you need anything. xo