what we need

There are several people asking what we need.  We are so grateful for it, but so confused that we don't even know. We need everything and nothing all at once.

Today Yoda dressed as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. It was "favorite book character" day at school. She was also recognized at a school-wide assembly for being a great reader. Rico was there to see it. Last time we were Skyping him from ICU - but today he was there. We needed that.

Yesterday a photographer asked Kooka to model some dance shots for her. I saw Kooka's first real smile in days when she saw the photos. We needed that too.

Today someone told me that her mother has the same thing Rico's got and has been doing fine for years. We really needed that.

Somebody else told me that they dreamed he was strong and healthy, so that's what they were imagining. We certainly needed that.

Yoda's kindergarten teacher gave her a ride home from school today, which made Yoda feel like the queen of kindergarten. Lord knows she needed that.

I guess that what we really need right now is positivity. We don't have enough answers yet, so it is easy to get dragged into the mire, and attempting to climb out can seem futile when we have no idea what's in store for us.  I know there will be days, weeks, months when we need stuff. Real stuff, hard stuff, and difficult as it is for us, we will likely have to ask for it. But right now, right this minute we just need some happy. It's what we need most of all.


Treats said…
I'm thankful you got what you needed these last two days. I am waiting in the wings with the tuna casserole (tuna torture) and anything else you might need. What I needed yesterday was a huge hug from you, J. I got it and got to see you in person. That was a gift. Thanks :)
rylini said…
I think I hugged you mostly because you didn't bring me any tuna torture - but it felt good regardless. Thanks.
Juliette/Paul said…
Okay, so no tuna? Check! Love you guys. Thanks for keeping us updated!