I recorded this conversation when Punk and Kooka were very small. I think about it often. I think it's what love feels like:

He is ankle deep in the river.  She is sitting on the edge – looking at all of the treasures in the water – oyster shells, pink pebbles, tiny minnows. And the conversation goes like this. This is what the truth sounds like:
“It’s OK – just jump in.”
“I am scared.”
“It seems scary but it isn’t.  Not really.”
“But it is a big jump and I don’t know what is in there.”
He comes closer and takes her hands in his.  “Alright K, do you want your life to be an adventure?”
“Yes – I really do.”
“Then you can’t just sit on the cliff.  If you want to have a great adventure you can’t be afraid that you will get muddy, or wet – because you will.  You just have to accept that you are going to get little cuts and scratches – and they hurt a little but it goes away.  You will get grass stains K – and bug bites.  But that is what an adventure is about.  Are you sure you want an adventure?”
“Yes I am sure.”
“Then jump in.”
“Will you jump too?”
“I am already in silly – I am just waiting for you.”
And I hope they feel that way about all adventures – not just the one in the woods