snow days and stuff

Not much time, but enough for an update:
Two snow days = 3 kids in heaven.
Yoda practiced her bridges and went on a valentine writing binge.
 Kooka spent hours on the piano and making fancy cocoas

Punk invited Yoda in to his "studio" to draw.

As for Rico - just yesterday he said he couldn't explain it, but something is different. We don't dare even think about what that means. He is down to only four naps a day. The night sweats are diminished. The fevers are still there. The fatigue persists.

I just go to work and get lost in the dance.

Thanks for the love. We'll keep you posted.

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David Koenig said…
Yes, that's the path he and I talked about! Tell Rick that I think it is happening! I sure hope so, anyway.
j said…
I sure will - thanks for the encouragement.
Treats said…
Baby at a time :)