Rico is back at Mayo.
We're grateful the place exists, but still a little frustrated.

Today he is in for a PET scan.  He's having a fair amount of trouble eating, and they suspect he may have some type of blockage, so they are making plans for how to best deal with/diagnose that.

On the upside:

Valentines day was wonderful. Homemade valentines, the wall of love, pizza roses and cupcakes.

Punk's show opens this weekend, and his work will be presented at an art museum in Minneapolis the same day.

Kooka came home with another 4.0, and starts rehearsal on her play this weekend.

And Yoda is special person of the week at her school, which means Scrappy and I get to make a guest appearance in the kindergarten room.


Treats said…
Thinking of you every day. Yay for Punk, Kooka and Yoda (and Scrappy too!). Feel better, Rico.