quick update

Rico's surgery date was moved.

Not sure if we should be happy or furious about this.

On the up side - it's no longer on Punk's birthday.

On the downside, we've meticulously planned our lives around this date for two months, and aren't quite sure how to juggle everything at this point.

It'll all be good.

June 10.


Corkscrewed said…
June 10 is not that far away for old folks like me.

Love ya kids,
Treats said…
I'll meet you there if you'd like me to sit with you during surgery.
j said…
Thanks Treats - can I let you know next week?
Treats said…
Yep! Text me :)
Kelley Bray said…
Rico and Korben are scheduled for surgery the same day! Say a prayer and light a candle
j said…
What's K going in for?
Tiffany Talbot said…
Korben has dental work to be done down at the Children's hospital in LA. Prayers all around.