good stuff

Good stuff happens too.

Rico is feeling better, still in pain, still homebound, but able to get around the house a bit.

Kooka is still all straight A's despite talking a full courseload AND online gym. Yeah - I said online gym. Don't get me started.

Punk was just awarded the highest award a high school artist in our state can win - a Gold Key award. He did win one last year as well, but this year his PORTFOLIO won - which means he had to submit 8 pieces which were related and he won. He actually submitted two portfolios - the other one received honorable mention, and did a self portrait he calls, "Left Brain/Right Brain" (which is my favorite by far.)

Tiny is really good at being six. She spends days reading, and coloring and making cardboard doghouses for her stuffed animals, and changing her American Girl's clothes 27 times a day.

Dance costumes are ordered, which may not sound like such a big deal - but the measuring, the pricing, the shipping dates - ug, the numbers. I'm glad it's done.

That's good stuff for the week. Hope it keeps up.


Treats said…
I hope this week is a good one. Congrats to the kids for their huge accomplishments. xo