how it goes

We left this morning at 5:30 am for a 7:30 check in at Mayo.

It's 10:45 and he's just been wheeled away from me.

He will spend about 90 minutes in pre-op, another 30 in anesthesia. The surgery is scheduled to take about 2 hours. Recovery can take anywhere from 1-3, and then they will bring him back to me, but it will take another 2 hours before he makes any sense.

That's another possibly 9 hours from now.

The surgeon said this is an easy one - no big deal. But from our frame of reference it's almost the same. Same waiting rooms, same sleepless night, same early drive, same teary-eyed goodbyes.

Though I suppose this is easier. Fixing a not-yet-broken leg seems easier than saving a life.