Just when we got a little comfortable . . .

Rico woke up with a larger than golfball sized lump on his elbow.

In our past life we were not ER kind of people. We were not even "I gotta get to the clinic today" kind of people. We were more like, "I've had this pain for three weeks now, maybe I should check it out, or stop eating so many chicken nuggets" kind of people.

But not any more.

Especially when one of you has recently stopped taking heparin, and the specialists at Mayo reiterate how fast even a small, lump-like blood clot can kill you.

We were in the car pretty quickly this morning. Rico even beat me to it.

After three hours, an ultrasound and some prodding, it was discovered that Rico has bursitis.

He has a swollen elbow. The doctor says it's likely because he's using his arms so much more than usual. I was going to point out that it could also be linked to his constant rifling through the fridge looking for the "Brooklyn" mustard, the "New York" cheescake, or the "Manhattan" English muffins - but I digress...

Per usual, treatment for swollen appendages, phalanges and other random bits, is rest and compression. This meant a trip to the pharmacy to purchase yet another fashion accessory. Rico will now be wearing at least one thigh high compression stocking each day, compression shorts, and if the ER doctor has his way, not just one but two elbow compression sleeves as well.

At this rate, we expect him to be sporting something like this in March:

This during the dance recital:


Myrna CG Mibus said…
Well Rico does look good in that blue color and also in black. Still, I'd prefer if he does not need to wear stretchy bodysuits. For one thing, I don't think his "twin" Owen will be willing the wear one on the days when they dress alike.