Day 2 of this surgery is looking much better than day 2 of the last one.

For starters, I already know how the couch bed folds out and Rico already knows how to use this thing.

We already know our way to the ice machine and Victoria's Italian takeout (though running across the street in -30 windchill, feels much different than grabbing your raviolis in June).

We know which channel provides the Pawn Stars marathon, and how far in advance to request pain meds. We know exactly how difficult it will be to get him back into the car. We know that an Olympic runner's resting pulse is 37, so no need to freak out when Rico's drops to 49. We know what things to order from the dining menu (coconut cream pie,and the wood fired pizza) and which to avoid at all costs (the tomato soup and mac and cheese).

We know to bring our own pillows and blankets. We know that my cousin is so on the ball that she could literally take over my entire life from feeding my children to teaching my dance classes and nobody would even know I was missing. We know the best time to discover who Rico really is, is those few hours when the anesthesia is wearing thin and the dilauted kicking in.

We know how to put on the squeezey air socks all by ourselves, and he knows I will be furious if he takes them off for more than an hour. We know that we're lucky to be in this huge room at Methodist instead of the teeny-tiny room at St. Mary's.

We know that Dr. Simm is good at his job - the best. We know that the world is a beautiful place, and it makes all of the difference.Thanks for being part of it.

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Lisa McDermott said…
I can't believe how much I miss when I skip reading your blog for a week or two. I'm SO sorry you're having to be an expert at negotiating the hospital. And that you'll have mobility stuff to deal with during ice and snow. And I am once again amazed at your resilience. Give Rico a gentle hug from us and holler if we can help in any way.

On a positive note - try to find "Skin Wars" on TV or Netflix.
j said…
Thanks Lisa - we're doing OK. They've basically reinforced his leg to Superman specifications - so we're optimistic.