more surgery

We head back to Mayo this week. More surgery for Rico on the 4th.

They'll be placing a rod in his femur to keep it from breaking. We were told this prior to his initial surgery - radiation destroys the protective covering on the bone making it more susceptible to breakage. The surgeon mentioned that at some point he may want a rod put in.

He didn't mention that the bone could break spontaneously. Like for no reason whatsoever. Like Rico could be sitting down eating a sandwich and his leg could break.

He also didn't mention that when he decided to perform the surgery it would be now.  It's rather ironic, since it seems like we had to wait forever for the first one, and this one only gave us a little over a week to plan for hospitalization and new mobility issues.

We think we have most of our ducks in a row, but always welcome that good mojo and prayers.
Lots of prayers.


Anonymous said…
Good luck - let me know if you need anything. Thinking of you all.
j said…
Thanks Treats. I loved seeing your whole family sipping lattes together - one of my favorite holiday scenes.