I'm so confused.

I just saw EMT's rolling a guy out of Rico's station on an EMT cart.

All of the beds here have wheels. How could they possibly lift a guy. move him to a new bed, put him in an ambulance and take him anywhere faster than doctors could get to him?

Furthermore - where the hell are they taking him?

 He's in what is arguably the best medical facility on the entire planet. The surgical crew that works on the Dalai Lama, the Pope and the Sultan from Aladdin is an elevator ride to the second floor.

Why are these people leaving - and what in the world is going to happen when they get there?


Lisa McDermott said…
Could be leaving for rehab - sometimes folks go by ambulance for that... Unless the EMTs were running, in which case I have no idea!
Rapp family fun said…
Normally if the EMT or gold cross is picking some one up from inside the hospital it's for a therapy in a different building- like radation. They can't let a patient drive themselves there- insurance coverage stuff- or maybe they are nervous they will get lost and find them at Victoria's with thier bum hang out :) Hope all is going well with you guys and the healing process is going well.
B said NO way to the posionious toads. who would give such a gift to a child?!!! :)
j said…
Whew, thanks guysI feel much better about that poor guy now. Though Victoria's is not a bad place to be lost - I could be lost there for days straight and never feel sad. As for the toads, I'm not sure what sort of craziness would possess a person to give a small child a gift like that, but I'm sure I can come up with a suitable alternative.