the great american road trip take 3 - memphis to new orleans

A road trip with Rico and I, is nothing like a vacation - it's a non-stop, whirlwind, you-better-sleep-in-the-car-because-you-won't-get-a-chance-once-we-get-there, kind of adventure.

But I'll give credit where it is due - Punk and Kooka are amazing travelers and even baby Yoda has been surprisingly good. But we've just come in from dinner and dessert on Burbon Street, so the rest of the evening will be spent washing my older children's eyeballs and psyche's. Therefore, I need to make this quick.

* Punk and I could not leave Memphis without a tour of the Graceland Mansion. Rico and Kooka had no desire to see it, so they went in search of Krispy Kremes, while Noah and I stood awestruck in the hallowed halls of rock and roll. (and wow does Yoda look like baby Lisa Marie).

* After Tenesse, we spent a long and dreary drive through Mississippi. There isn't much to see on the interstate, but we did find a sweet little rest stop where we made pb&j for lunch before we pressed on.

* A stop at Baskin Robbins in Jackson, where we also picked up some boiled peanuts (you don't need to try them), and a Bach of fried chicken skin. Punk asked us to buy them, so we did. He thought it was tasty until he noticed the minuscule hair and feathers still attached. He promptly gagged and threw them out.

* Dinner in New Orleans. Cajun peel and eat shrimp for Rico and Kooka, crab meat pizza for Punk and steak for me. We watched street performers who were better than any dancers I've ever seen - including a kid Punk's age, who was crazy tap dancing with smashed soda cans taped to the bottom of his shoes. The bikini-clad topless dancers leaned out of their doorways to wave to Yoda, who clapped her hands appreciatively (hey mom look at all the milkshakes!) Kooka pretended not to notice, and Punk shielded his eyes - and begged to go back to the hotel. So we ducked into a very safe jazz garden for sugary beignets and ice water. We walked back at a pretty good clip and are finally getting to sleep.

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