The great american road trip take 3 - st. louis to memphis

After a quick hotel breakfast, it was off to the Gateway Arch. We all loved the animatronic characters in the arch museum. They were detailed, fairly realistic and informative, but the best part was Punk beat boxing and singing C&C Music Factory over the top of the audio, so Lewis and Clark seemed to be breakdancing for Red Cloud.

Kooka wanted to ride to the top of the arch, but time was short. Besides, after testing the exhibit of the minuscule, airless capsule that transports visitors to the peak, I knew she'd be riding alone. As Punk said when we took our turn in the little orb, "I'm freaked out NOW, and I'm just sitting on the ground." Maybe I'll work up the courage
for our return trip, but there was no time today.

Highway 55 led us to our next stop - Cape Splash in Cape Girardeau, MO. For five dollars we swam, splashed and soaked for over two hours. Kook says it was the best part of her trip so far. Yoda was in love with the splash zone and riding with Punk on the lazy river. Everyone was worn out and ready to ride when we hopped back into Turk, ready to roll into Memphis.

We stopped at Topps BBQ in Marion, AR for ribs and a smoked pork sandwich. Forty minutes later we arrived at our hotel just in time for a quick swim. I rushed the kids out of the pool, because it was getting late, and I had something to cross off of my bucket
list : Graceland.

By sheer coincidence, we arrived in Memphis on the 34th anniversary of Elvis' death. Thousands of people surrounded the gates of Graceland, as a candle-bearing procession strolled through the gates. We didn't take the walk ourselves, we still had Beale Street to hit, and a vey sleepy baby in tow, but we made time to hit the gift shops and pass our baby off to an Elvis impersonator for a quick pick.

A walk down Beale St. And then bed. Tomorrow we head for New Orleans. (ps - I hate blogging on an iPad)

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Melanie said…
Your trip sounds fantastic!!

Try blogging on an iPhone. Blah.