the great american road trip take 3 - new orleans to tallahassee

After last night's excursion, we were ready for some family-friendly entertainment. What better way to appreciate the south, than to take the two kids and the gator-bait on a New Orleans swamp tour?

We hooked up with Cajun Encounters, just 45 minutes down the road. Our guide, Bishop, led our boat through the bayou, feeding raccoons, goading gators into jumping for hot dogs, and showing us the Katrina ravaged section of swamp settlements. Punk loved the gators, Kooka loved all of the animals, while Rico and I loved the experience of being in a real-live swamp, and checking out the houses.

The swamp-side structures were straight out of a movie - it was almost unfathomable that people could live there - but they did - they sat on their porches and waved to the passing boats (the one I photographed was by far the most stable of them all). None of these things looked like they were sturdy BEFORE the hurricane, not sure how they managed to stay upright at all.

Anyway . . .we just climbed into the van for a 6 hour drive toTallahassee, where we will spend the night before heading to Vero Beach. I am hoping that by the time we get to the coast I'll have a chance to catch up and write properly, but for now, enjoy the pictures:

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