the great american road trip take 3 - tallahassee to vero beach

Driving through the panhandle of Florida is exactly what a road trip should be - hand painted billboards for fresh pecans and boiled peanuts, businesses we'd never see in Minneapolis, like the combination snack shack/church (Dairy King/House of Prayer). It's too bad we didn't have a free minute to stop.

Aside from a quick visit in Cross City with Uncle Marty and Aunt Elaine, we travelled at a breakneck pace to make sure we rolled into Vero Beach in time for dinner.

The adventures for the day included:
*Punk, Kooka and Yoda getting to meet Uncle Marty and Aunt Elaine.
*Punk getting to drive the 4 wheeler.
*Rico rescuing the baby, but getting attacked by an army of red ants.
*Meeting Rico's friends
*Dinner on top of the ocean at Squid Lips restaurant, where the kids fed handfulls of fish food to disgustingly large schools of catfish, and Rico ordered a giant maple soaked sweet potato.
*A moonlit stroll on the beach with Rico.
*Punk eating calamari

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