This woman is my friend.  She has been for years.  And the truth is this:  Sheila is an amazing human being, who always listens to her constituents - I've seen her stop eating lunch and stand for half an hour just to listen to some old guy complaining about property taxes.  She listens, she cares - and Shelley Moore's ad campaign is painting her as someone who doesn't. It is sort making me vomit.  I don't know Shelley Moore, or claim to have any idea of who she is as a person.  All I know, is that if she is the kind of person who is attempting to win votes - not by touting her own attributes, but by running a negative campaign against someone who has done her best as a faithful public servant, then Ms Moore is probably not someone I want to know. So please watch this ad instead. or visit this link. (link).  And if you live in Wisconsin - please vote.  I wish I could.