the great american road trip take 3 - savannah to charleston

There were so many good things that happened today. There is really no time to write - but here is the top ten list:

1) Waking up to giant pretzels for breakfast. Punk slept with his so the rest of us wouldn't eat it.

2) A trip to Savannah's Candy Kitchen, where the choices were astounding: candied apples as big as Yoda's head, fresh pralines, gellato, fudge, and warm saltwater taffy - delivered to the barrel in some rube-golbric/willy wonka like contraption, that not only pulled the taffy, but twisted it, wrapped it, lifted it to the ceiling, and sent it over our heads into the next room, where it dropped neatly into a little tin bucket ala ever-lasting-gobstoppers.

3) Another stop at Ellis Park Fountains, where the four big kids got drenched.

4) A walk around Mercer house. (read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil - just do it).

5) A slow drive through Bonaventure cemetery. Even punk declared it "beautiful" - and he has a tendency to call things like this "creepy".

6) A drive on the backroads heading to Charleston, including stop at the sweetest little roadside shop, where they gave free samples of everything, including Georgia Peach cider, deep fried peanuts, bene cakes, glazed pecans, pickled garlic, and fresh blueberry jam. We bought a small pecan pie and shared it in the car.

7) An afternoon dip in the pool at our hotel - the Best Western Sweetgrass Inn. Surprisingly charming, with wonderful hospitality.

8) Dinner at Andolini's pizzeria. The pie was gigantic, and even Rico (who's incredibly picky about his pizza), proclaimed it to be "good". Punk and Kooka loved it as well, but christened Rico a blasphemer when he told them it was better than Casey's.

9) A short drive through Charleston at night.

10) A stop at the Piggly Wiggly, where of course there is a pig photo-op as you walk in the door.

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Treats said…
I can't believe you'd go to a candy factory without me! Keep putting money into the therapy jar for Yoda. She's going to need it.
Melanie said…
did you see Paula Deen?
j said…
OMG Melanie - that's where Rico's brother said we should go at first - but her restaurant is weird. You have to go there in person and then they tell you when you can come back and eat there. Nobody is that good - so we opted for the soul food. But there are peanuts EVERYWHERE down here - seriously - everywhere.

Treats - we have been thinking about you at every stop, and although we thought about getting you the candied crickets - we settled on something a bit less disgusting . . .