the great american road trip take 3 - vero beach again

Rico had another early morning swim, and after that we met up with the gang at Mulligans for breakfast. Punk had the french toast, Kooka and I had giant pancakes, Rico had the bagels, and Yoda had - some of everything.

After breakfast, it was more of the beach. Punk took the boogie board and followed schools of fish in the surf. Kooka and I surfed the waves, and Rico's friend Stephanie, watched Yoda for a bit, so we could all swim together for a while.

We met up at the pool, where Kooka swam for another three hours, while Punk and Yoda took naps.

Rico and crew hosted a beach-side pizza party. Punk managed to coax a wild bunny into eating romaine lettuce right from his hand. Kooka nursed a wicked sunburn - despite reapplying the sunscreen several times, and everyone fell asleep full of good food, and warm memories.

Tomorrow we are off to Savannah, GA. There is so much to do, I hope we'll remember it all.