answers - sort of

Among things you don't want to hear on a Thursday afternoon:
"Let's just stay right here so you don't bleed out your jugular."

Rico had his right heart catheter this afternoon, and that was the advice we got upon his return to the room. No need to tell us twice.

According to the tests, the fluid is not technically caused by the cancer, meaning there is no malignancy in it. That's good news.

Apparently the fluid is caused by pulmonary hypertension. Not great news, but it's treatable.

The fluid needs to go - now.

There are several doctors here, but three of them have mentioned paraneoplastic syndromes, which means that actually the hypertension IS caused by the cancer, but only in the sense that the cancer wreaks havoc on your hormones, meaning if we get rid of the cancer, we could get rid of this too.

So we have some answers but no great starting points, so we just keep on.

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Nichole Day said…
What to say?
Your blog posts are amazing... very moving.
Nice to see your humor, and fortitude, shining through.
Laughter is so healing... as is love.
And you have both going for you.
You're in our thoughts.
And prayers.
Good energy flowing your way...
Wish we could do more.
(Please let me know if there's anything we can do).

Nichole, Isabel, et. al.
j said…
Thanks Nichole - we will take all of the good energy and thoughts and prayers we can get.