I feel like I could sleep for a hundred days. At the same time I feel like I can't sleep at all without his feet stealing the covers and his head hogging the pillow. He is so beautiful. Even with his bed head and his hospital gown, he is just perfect.

I want Dr. Brooklyn back - the one from the ER. The one who says stuff like, "Let's just drain the damn fluid to get you healthy," and "My father in law had a huge sarcoma six years ago, and he fine," and "we might have to drain it a few times until we cure the cancer." Where the hell did she go? Why don't they put HER up on the sixth floor?

So far today we've heard eight "I'm sorrys" six, "we don't knows", four "we're trying to figure this out" nine "maybes" and one voice mail that said (among other things), "I'm sorry if my diddling around led to a delay in tackling this. Apparently it was more than I realized."


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Naomi said…
Sending so much LOVE!!!!!!!!
Welcome to the world of medical craziness. It is not a world we want to be in, but I cannot imagine a stronger advocate than you. Rick is lucky to have you as his wing man (or wing woman) through this.