the good, the bad, and the ugly

Let's start with the ugly:

Who the actual hell created these things? In case you're unfamiliar, this is one of Kooka's robot babies from health class. She's named him Tyler. Not only is he annoying - he's hideous. Oh, and meet Tyler's equally attractive (but slightly less demanding) sister, Taylor.

Yep, of all 300-some kids in Kooka's grade, only two had the good fortune to draw twins in the health class lottery. The only think worse would be drawing crack-baby twins (yeah - also a thing - I don't know if they come with Gerber crack or how that works - but it's an option - so I guess we can count our blessings there.)

I was informed that if they started crying while I was driving I had to pull over the car, so they could be attended to.


I didn't even pull over the car, when my real kids threw up in it.

I get the point. They're trying to discourage kids from having kids. But these things are enough to stop the perpetuation of the entire human race. Kooka got nearly two hours of sleep. But as an extra kick in the @$$ - had this to say, "It wasn't so bad. If it weren't for the fact that there were two of them, I could totally do this."
Clearly the intended lesson sunk in: 13 year olds are better equipped to deal with life than I am. Auntie Yoda thought it was pretty great too. So much for discouraging teen parenthood.

Now for the bad. Actually, we don't know if it's bad - maybe it's good, but when the sign to your doctor's appointment looks like you're walking into Homer Simpson's place of employment, it can make you a little uneasy.

The actual radiation machine is a monster. It looks like something out of Phinneas and Ferb. But if it does the trick, we don't care if it looks like  Alien vs. Predator - we'll take it. Rico is slightly more exhausted now that he's started treatment, but he expected it, and, as always is a total trooper.

And the good -
ahhhhhh the good.

It feels like we are completely covered in kindness and compassion and love.

In just one week there have been "Rico Strong" bracelets, two dozen chocolate chip cookies, two meals, a handmade "Sara-quilt" that has been prayed over and blessed by an entire church, a "suitcase of happiness" filled with pre-wrapped pick-me-ups for days that are tough, an offer to participate in a benefit basketball game, leprechaun kisses and candy gold, offers to give our kids rides, some extra time spent with Yoda by someone she truly adores, cards, kind words, letters and hugs - reallllllly good hugs.

If you are reading this, we are grateful for you. Thank you for thinking of us, for sharing with us, for being who you are. Facing the enemy feels better when we have such a great team.