Right now my line between gratitude and "are you effing kidding me?" Is paper thin.

Since they've brought him in via ambulance to save his life, they have done roughly the equivalent of

It's true.

They have tapped an effusion and brought him breakfast in bed. Aside from that they have postponed his surgical appointment, put off his oncology consultation and said, "sorry about diddling around".

We understand postponing the appointments for a day or two while we try to deal with the heart thing, but they aren't doing anything there either. In theory he's scheduled for a heart catheter today, but he's been "trumped" (yeah that's a direct quote) twice, by people who need it more.

We understand emergencies, but not sure what trumps sarcoma combined with heart failure.

The nurses are great, but it seems that his actual progress is at a complete standstill.

It's like shouting for help when you're drowning and watching the lifeguards play Rock Paper Scissors to see who will jump in to save you.

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