the things we root for

You know it's been a rather crappy week when you're actually rooting for heart failure.

That's our best hope right now. So far they have not detected any malignancies in the fluid they collected from his chest and abdomen. This doesn't mean there isn't any, just that they haven't found any. They are calling it pulmonary hypertension and will be catheterizing his heart tomorrow.

Our chosen family has stepped in brilliantly, staying with our kids, picking them up, feeding them, walking the dog, teaching my classes and setting an entire flock of nuns praying for us. It's been a blessing to know that I can be here with Rico to help him find answers, while our kids are being so loved.

And shout out to those super great teachers we had the good sense to hire who are covering some of my classes, and the super great kids (Kooka, Saija and Tori) who say, 'Teach a dance class - no sweat. We got this."

I know they do.

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